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Retrospect hangs shile writing a catalog file


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2x Mac 9600/300 OS 9.1

17" Powerbook OS 10.2.6

Airport Extreme base station V5.1.1

Draytek router

Ecrix VXA 1

Retrospect 5.1 with the latest driver update



I backup with a mac 9600/300. Sometimes when I make a backup retrospect hangs when writing a new catalog file (this is after doing the backup to tape and before comparing the backup).


The light on the VXA says it is still recording data. This would normally happen also but stop before the new catalog is written. There is no other way to stop than force quit retrospect. The recording light of the VXA will stay on and I am unable to unload the tape. VXAtool gives an error that the device is Busy. Turning the power off and on of the VXA tape makes the arrow pointing to the right flashing yellow and green. Still I am not able to unload the tape.


This has happened a few times before but it used to work (while all this was installed recently not that many backups have been made). It might happen with a recycle and with a normal backup.


Just backing up the local mac never gives any problems. Now it might hang writing a new catalog file of a drive on the local mac.


I have made new backup sets.


Retrospect is unusable for making backups over a network this way.


Any suggestions?





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It is a scsi VXA. It's connected to an adaptec 2940UW PCI scsi card(if memory serves me well).


I do not have something else to check it with. I do have a DDS-2 drive but the capacity is to small to be useable and to slow. I could lend a Lacie AIT firewire drive but I think I do have to check with a scsi device for the comparison to make any sense?


I have put the DDS-2 back into service again for one 9600 with not too much on the hard drives. I am now thinking of buying something for the powerbook 17". I am thinking of the LaCie AIT. Maybe other/better suggestions?


Thanx for your reply

Maybe I should contact exabyte again. They suggested updating the firmware, but it did not help.

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Making a local backup does not give any problems (with the VXA as well as with DDS2). It's just the computers over the network. I am not able to test the 17" powerbook with a local backup since there is no scsi-connector. Anyway, I do not expect problems making a local backup on the powerbook either.


I did not test the network with the DDS2 (because of the capacity of the tapes).

So at this point it is the network/Retropect/VXA combination that is not working reliably.

I do not know of another procedure to test then to make a backup and see if it works. This takes quite some time, and I already have spent some...


Thanx for your replies

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I have seen cases where the network card and SCSI device don't work very well together. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do about it on a mac other than resinstall the OS.


Do the network hangs happen with both Retrospect client and standard file sharing?

I would try both and see.



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