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Easy Administration ?


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On page Dantz: Multi Server Product Overview is written: Easy Administration

Proactive Backup, another patented technology, keeps backup operations running smoothly with minimal effort, saving valuable time for the backup administrator.* The adaptive scheduler monitors backup operations and ensures that all computers are backed up, even if there is not enough time in a scheduled backup session. It recognizes missed computers or files, and it reschedules them to be backed up as soon as possible. Notebook computers are automatically recognized and prioritized for backup when they connect to the network. Retrospect does not require daily manual modification of backup scripts, and it eliminates the complex manual processes typically required to implement an onsite/offsite tape rotation strategy. Detailed backup reports can be viewed with any Web browser, and Retrospect-based backup servers can be controlled remotely .


I can't find mention of this in the Users Guide or Help.




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The remote control thing has to be via terminal services or a remote desktop program of some kind. You "can" control it remotely just not with built in Retrospect too. Not the most accurate info for sure....


are there other things that are unclear in the statement?



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