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Error -3420 while backing up mailboxes with Exchange Agent

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did anyone know this error and a solution for it ? It arises only with this mailbox. The other mailboxes are OK. I work with Retrospect 6.5 and the Exchange Agent.


- 26.08.2003 00:50:32: Kopieren von Grotz Peter

TMailboxFind2.gifNext: MAPI QueryRows returned no rows, 2 requested.

Dauer des Durchsuchens: 100.394 ms.

Durchsuchen unvollständig, Fehler -3420 (unbekannt)


Thank you


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It looks to me like the mailbox structure is corupt. For testing purposes can you export it to a PST file and then reimport the data to another location? Once you have it in a different place try the backup again. also try deleting any spam you can find.


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