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Not erasing DVD-RAM disks

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I'm using a OS X 10.2.6 (consumer) with 896MB on a 500MHz Power Mac G4 (AGP graphics) (version = 2.9


Retrospect vs 5.0.238


The problem I'm having is it's not wanting to erase the DVD-RAM disks on the built in DVD-RAM drive. It's the one that came with the mac and is listed in Retrospect as:

ATAPI-B Matshita PD-2 LF-D110 A110 ATAPI


When I insert the disk after it asks for a new member (it's a new backup) it starts to erase it and then returns the 102 error. I can erase it no problem witih Disk Utility. It seems to dismount it and then gives the error and then the disk dissapears from the desktop and I have to eject and reinsert.

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