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not licensed?

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So, I just purchased Retrospect 6.5 Value Package that is suppposed to have all the add-on packages and am in the process of setting it all up.


For the first of many questions (I'm sure), when setting up the clients and I go in to select their volumes it says on things like SQL Server and Exchange Server volumes "(not licensed)". What does that mean? I registered this product and all of our servers software is all legal and valid and registered, etc. etc. but what's the deal? It's very annoying.


Thanks in advance for any help,



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From page 262 of the User's guide


Licensing and Logging In

Choose License Manager from the Window

menu to see licensed components.

If SQL Database Backup is not listed, or if it is

listed with no available licenses, click Add and

enter a license code for SQL Database Backup.

(Click Purchase to get a code from Dantz.)

After adding a SQL Backup license, it is listed

as available for use. The next step is to use it.

Using a License


From the navigation bar, click Volumes to see

the volumes database window. Under My

Computer and Backup Clients are all the SQL

servers known to Retrospect.


Their icons are grayed out because they are not

yet licensed, as indicated by the text. Though

there is a license available in the license manager,

Retrospect does not know with which

servers you want to use it. You must apply a license

to each server you wish to use with



Click on the SQL server you want to work with,

which makes Retrospect ask whether you wish

to use an available license. Click OK. After a

moment, the ?not licensed? tags disappear from

the SQL Server container.

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Great that worked, thanks.




However, I'm confused in that I purchased a Multi-Server version of Retrospect with the add-ons included, yet I'm only allowed one SQL Server...




What if i happened to be backing up 10 web servers? Does that not fall under the "Multi-Server" name.




Thanks in advance for any help




EDIT: I just thought of something, this is probably covered in the manual like the previous answer. Sorry for asking dumb questions.





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