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Does Retrospect take over your CD drive?

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I'm experiencing various CD issues with Retrospect. Is this normal behavior or just my system?


If Retrospect is open and in the background, and load a cd in my computer, the cd will not show up on the desktop.


If I start Retrospect with a formatted cd with data on it, Retrospect will not continue with a script unless I pass through the following message: "Retrospect cannot use your CD/DVD drive because the currently mounted disc contains items that are in use. To use this drive with Retrospect, unmount the disc in the Finder and select Configure>Devices>Device Status> from the Directory." even though I'm backing up to tape. This causes an unattended script to not complete.


Toast will not burn a CD when Retrospect is open.


Is there anyway to configure Retrospect to ignore a device?





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