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Assert error - elem.cpp-867

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Since upgrading from 6.0 -> 6.5 our autoloader has become unusable.

I will not write to it. It won't read from it correctly.

In the middle of operations (any operation, it's not specific) it dies w/ an assert error, elem.cpp-867.


It also had communication problems.


We never had these problems with 6.0. Our main autoloader, a HP DLT 2/28 (Surestore) w/ DLT4000 drives, worked great.

W/ 6.5 it hasn't been usable at all. Our ADIC Scalar works, but that only holds 7 tapes.




We bought the whole package too. Upgrade to 6.5 w/ Proactive, exchange agaent, SQL, openfile etc.

UNUSABLE! because of this damn error.

So far the 6.5 experience has been... craptacular... yep, that's it.

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This has nothing to do with clients as far as I know.

It dies when reading from the tape. When scanning the inventory. The only thing that is constant with the assert errors is that it has SOMETHING to do with the autoloader. It works fine with the other autoloader.

Proactive works fine going to the HD. Everything else is working fine so far. Except I can't back anything up to our autoloader. I can't READ from the autoloader.

It MIGHT get through one client, maybe 2, but it WILL fail. It usually doesn't even get through an inventory check. There is no constant, except the autoloader. And that worked FINE in 6.0.


VERY aggrevating...


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