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Recovery in a multiple boot environment


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Suppose the following:


1. System has two hard drives, with Win 98 installed in C, Win 2000 installed in D, and Win 2000 installed in, say, F. C and are on the 1st hard drive. F is on the 2nd hard drive.


2. A disaster requires that F, and the rest of the 2nd drive, be reformatted. And Win 98 on C has become unbootable. Stll can boot to the Win 2000 on D.


3. How does one recover the 2nd drive with Retrospect?


Does one have to boot from, say, a CD-ROM and then copy the files to the appropriate drives? If so, how is the System State restored on drive F?


Or does one boot to the Win 2000 on D and then restore the other drives? Again, what about the System State on F?


My sister has run into this situation with another backup product, so it's too late for Retrospect to help her, but, if Retrospect could do the job better, then it's time for her to switch to Retrospect, of course, she'd have to buy a writable CD or DVD drive.


With 6.5, can bootable DVD's be used instead of writable CD's?


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I have not yet received a response to my original question.


Let me try to clarify and see whether that elicits a response.


Given a system that has, say, Win 98 installed on C, Win 2000 installed on F , and Win 2000 installed on G.


Assume Retro is run from the Win 2000 on G and the System State on G is included in the backup.


In this case, I would assume that ALL files on C and F would be backed up as if they were ordinary files, effectively, causing the Registry on C and the System State on F to be backed up.


If so, then what would happen when attempting to restore all 3 drives using a Dantz bootable CD-ROM and, say, DVD as the backup media?


I would assume that all the files on C and F get restored, as expected, but what about the System State on G?


Bottom Line: Does disaster recovery from a bootable Dantz CD-ROM handle such multiboot environments?


If not, how would such an environment be backed up?

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