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Tape Label Management Options


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For those of us who want to manage our own tape labels, it would be useful

if Retrospect would have an option to NOT overwrite the existing label with

the default volumeSequence-backupSetName label. I appreciate that the

way you do things now has some merit for people who don't do much

backing up, but for a larger shops with their own media management

procedures it would be nice if tapes didn't get relabeled each time they're



With this option you would be able to make up your own label name at

tape initialization time, and Retrospect would ensure that the recorded label

remained the same in the future.


One important reason is that relabeling means someone has to write the

new label on the outside of the tape. Since it changes each time the

tape is used, this leads to doing it in pencil, which leads to pencil eraser

crumbs, which can *REALLY* gum up tape heads.


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