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error 505 (client is reserved) problem

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I have Retrospect 5.0.201 on a Mac 0S 9.2 and Retrospect client on a Mac OSX Server 10.1.4

I started a backup, witch worked fine, but I had a 4G tape and the backup needed 4,1G so when it asked to change tape, I stop it to change the backup script to use compression.

Since then, I have the error 505 (client is reserved), I have restarted both computer (as suggested in the support pages), nothing changed. I deleted the client on retrospect and when trying to add it, again I have error 505.

So, what should I do.




Maxime Paquette

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I too am suffering the -43 error that leads to a 505 error. I'm glad to find a workaround, but is there a fix in the works? The data that I need to backup resides on non-boot volumes so I was able to exclude the boot volume from backups for now untill I can find and delete the unicode that's causing the trouble. A fix would be appreciated. :smirk:

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