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Backup to File extremely slow


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I am having problems with a nightly backup job. Each night, we recycle and back up about 112GB of data to a file backup set. The data being backed up is on the same hard drive as the file backup set. My average transfer rate for the job is 387MB/MIN. Calculated out, that should take about 5 hours to complete, it is taking closer to 11 hours. Compression is off, verification is on on the job. The hard drive that the source files and the destination backup set is on is a windows 2000 striped set made of 3 120GB ultraATA 100 Drives. Any suggestions would be helpful

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The Operations log will give more detailed performance data. A backup goes through a number of steps from beginning to end





Creating Snapshot

Backing up NTFS permissions (if applicable)



Each of these steps add up to the total time involved to complete the backup. The most time consuming steps are usually copying, comparing, and permissions. Retrospect must copy each and every file, and then compare each and every file to ensure that it was copied properly. The compare pass is typically faster then the copy pass, however this can vary by configuration.


Retrospect uses Microsoft API's to backup NTFS permissions, which is done seperately from the file copy - turning off permissions in the script options may speed up the backup.

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