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Newbie - Need brand new full backup twice a day


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I have a dataset which requires a complete full backup (not normal) twice a day.

Once at Lunch and once in the evening.


The program changes the data is such a way that files are altered without changing file dates or attributes. I need to be able to restore from either the morning or evening backups from any day of the week.


Can this be done? TIA-TOMG smirk.gif

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Retrospect looks for the Name, Size, Creation Date and Time as well as the Modify date and time to see if a file has changed. If your software does not modify this criteria for the files then you will need to backup using the following methods:


You can do either of these:


1) Copy data using the "Archive" option rather then "backup"


2) If you choose to do a backup, go to Options>More Choices>Matching and uncheck the top matching box.


Both of the above options will force Retrospect to copy all files even if they have not changed the above attributes.


The following URL refers to the Macintosh, but the info is the same for Windows users:


Tips for backing up data that does not change file criteria

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