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Client Installation Issues


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I am having problems accessing OS X clients using Retrospect Workgroup in OS X Server v10.2.3. I started by installing the latest client (from download yesterday) on a OS X v10.2.4 workstation. When I start the client for the forst time I get the message "The client was installed without root permissions". It could not be seen from Workgroup. I then removed it and installed the version from the original CD. I could install the client and open it but I could not turn it on in the application (it would turn on briefly then went off). In that brief moment Workgroup could see it but when configuration was attempted I got "error 541" even though is was running (albeit off by that point). This problem was repeated on another workstation. Also, the workstation was running the OS 9 client with no problems before installing OS X.

Workstation connects via DHCP

File Sharing is off.

Ping of IP was successful with no dropped packets.

Firewall is off.

Machines are on the same subnet.

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When running the client installer, make sure that the installer is on a local hard disk and not on a mounted network volume. We have seen this happen when trying to run the installer over the network.


Put the installer on the same disk you are booted from, then run it again and see if it helps. You may need to first uninstall the "bad" version that isn't working.

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