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catalog out of synch errors

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I'm running Retrospect 4.3 on a G4 running OS 9.2.2. The backup media is a Granite Digital Firevue box (firewire) with removable drive sleds. I've got two Maxtor 160 GB drives I'm swapping for two storage sets.


I'm getting frequent catalog out of sync errors. So much so that the backup is becoming relatively useless. It happens so often that I'm wondering if the drives are incompatible with the backup. We are using the drives to back up 12 clients and the local desktop.


The Maxtor drive was the first 160 GB drive to come available. Granite Digital has told me that they had to put some kind of firmware patch on the case so the full 160 GB would be seen by the OS. The firmware on these drives are just a teeny bit different than the firmware on earlier ATA specifications.


So, does anyone have any tips on how I can get my backups to run more effectively, or to resolve this problem?



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Retrospect should be compatible with all models of hard disk, but version 4.3 has many limitations related to hard disk backup that could be causing you trouble.


Under version 4.3, you are limited to about 50k to 60k files per backup set, although catalog out of sync is a strange error to see with a hard disk. We typically see that error with tape drives instead.


The following tech note should be helpful, but overall I would highly recommend upgrading to 5.0 to avoid the limits in 4.3.



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Robin (et al),


As you say, out of sync errors should be rare with hard disks. However, I am seeing them a lot, around once a week. I am running RS 5.0.238 on a B&W 300, 512MB RAM, OS X 10.2.4, with 3 internal IDE drives.


Drive 1: 14GB Quantum Fireball, boot drive, RS, catalog files: 8GB free

Drive 2: 80GB IBM Deskstar, File backup of Drive 1 and 2 network clients (5.0.540): 50GB free

Drive 3: 80GB IBM Deskstar, File backup of Drive 1 and 2 network clients (5.0.540): 50GB free


I use a backup server script to write to separate file backups on each 80GB drive. The backup that went out of sync today was last recycled on 3/8/03 (8 days ago). It has 10 sessions, 3 snapshots, 10GB and 210,000 files. The backups sets on Drives 2 and 3 have both gone out of sync regularly.


When I Update the Catalog, it takes about 30 seconds and catalogs about 10MB of stuff. Verify reports that all is well. The biggest problem is that restores from these "repaired" backup sets have had problems restoring (Backup set format inconsistency), so I don't trust them anymore. Disk Utility reports no problems with any of the drives.


Any suggestions on how I can try to stop these from happening? Thanks,



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