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You have a very sophisticated set of conditions for selecting the backup files. It would seem that a regular text file could be used to do this specification( at least optionally) The GUI is really clumsy for more than a few conditions. The GUI undoubtedly generates a formatted list(CONFIG55 ??) Probably could be a text file that could be constructed easily with an editor.




Another point is that it is tough to check the results of the backup. In one case I had thought that a certain set of files was included. To my chagrin I found that, due to a syntax error, they were NOT included. An optional file generated with a list of all files selected for backup would give more confidence during initial setup.




Another option to save the files in some directory structure in their native form would allow the program to be used to transfer large groups of files from a computer with BACKUP to a computer without. Explorer could be used???




I like the your file select capabilities & that was the reason we purshased.


Other systems also have some good ideas.


W Cook

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