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Is using 7.7.114 client with 7.6.123 server possible?


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For an application we have two Retrospect servers in the same network. One is a 7.6.123 Multi Server, the other a 7.7.341 Multi Server.


Can we update all clients to 7.7.114 and expect 7.6.123 to work correctly?


The point is both Retrospect servers need to be able to backup a certain group of the same clients.


Updating the 7.6.123 server isn't an option at this time.


We did test this config with a couple of clients and it seemed to work. But before we run into problems I'd like to know if it's advisable. ;)

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That's weird because our test clients (running 7.7.114 client) seem to work fine with 7.6.123 Server?


The problem which we face is a weird one. We think using the 7.7.114 client helps. 7.6.106 clients do not work well with 7.7.341 server in this setup.


The problem is related to our leased line (fiber). Since upgrading our local server to 7.7.341 performance over this link is extremely poor (to the point of unworkable). In the beginning of a run performance is okay. But after some time (random) performance slows to a crawl.


We did many things to isolate the problem. So far what seems to help is using the 7.7.114 clients and using Retrospect's link encryption.


We did reinstall a test server on completely different hardware (in a VM) and experienced the same issue. It's really weird. Normal file copy over this link between the same server and client (server) works like a charm.


Also we did experience a weird problem with our LTO-4 drive using 7.7.341. Snapshot transfers (3 source snapshots to one tape backup set) resulted in a "Waiting for Media" message when the first snapshot completed. But the tape was erased and not nearly full at all.


What did change to our LTO-4 drive was the firmware, as HP recommended (U57D). Could be causing this too.


However the LTO-situation is unrelated to this topic, but it illustrates the problems we have since installing 7.7.341 a bit.


The fact I'm going on a holiday at the end of the week doesn't help either! :D

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