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Restore Error


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I am trying to restore my exchange 2000 database when I get the following error :


"Retrospect agent not started for online restore due to error -939587625"


If I try to restore only the Pyblic Folder I get the following :


"Replacement of database Public Folder Store failed due to error -939647162"




I am using Small Business Server 2000 .


Also the Exchange Agent is 1.2 .




Thank you

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The error is:


NT Authority\System was unable to log on as NT Authority\System to the Public


folder Store "First Storage Groupp\Public Folder Store" .




I have to tell you that I have done a new installation on SBS 2000 but with the same settings, because when I restored the system from the Backup it couldn't take me to the login prompt.


It was hang on the "Restoring network connections."





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Unless you are also restoring the system and registry along with Exchange data, you can encounter problems like this. Often, attempts to use the Agent to restore Exchange data into a "clean" new Server/Exchange OS will fail.




Microsoft calls this a restore of Exchange data to a "non-production server", i.e., not the original Exchange box the databases were from. It can be done, and Microsoft does have some instructions on their site to do so, but it is rather involved.




It is easier to perform a "live restore" of the entire server, then run the Agent to replace the Exchange databases. If you were not backing up the system and system state information, then you're stuck with the restore to a "non-production" machine as mentioned above.

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