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Roxio buys Retrospect software


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Hello Retro-Talk


Retrospect is now a Roxio/Sonic Solutions product. Along with that are the Retrospect support engineers, product developers and QA staff. This includes Eric Ullman, Laurie Gill and the other longterm names you all know.


Being part of Roxio is very exciting for all of us. We are looking forward to a larger QA and engineering team, a larger webteam, more tech support engineers and a great batch of new coworkers.


Customers can expect new releases of Retrospect at an even higher quality. The product roadmap and release schedules are unchanged. We are still planning a public beta of Retrospect 8.2 for Macintosh (hopefully next week).


Everyone on the Retrospect team is super excited to be part of Sonic Solutions and if we are excited, we know it will be good for the customers too.


Robin Mayoff

Senior Manager, Technical Support

Roxio Retrospect


PS: Retro-talk and the forum will continue as it always has.


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How sad, I hope Roxio doesn't do to retrospect what they did to Adaptec CD burning software years ago. Made it bloated crash ware!!! I wouldn't use any thing roxio wrote even if it was FREE! I'm referring to Roxio easy coaster creator! I can see it now Sonic backup or something else worse. I'm sure they are telling retrospect ppl nothing will change, but always does.

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I'm not so sad myself. I've been disappointed ever since EMC bought Retrospect from Dantz. The releases have come far and few between and the support went downhill as well. I think EMC was just too big and Retrospect was just another small product in a huge portfolio and got handled as such. I think part of it is that EMC deals with 'enterprise' applications/hardware/customers so much they don't know how to handle stuff for small/medium businesses.

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