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Redo Initial/Full Backup


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I have Retrospect Express HD 2.5.112 for XP and am using the Iomega 500GB external disk drive. When I did the initial backup, the s/w did a full backup. It has since done 95 incremental backups. I would like to start over w/ a new full backup.


As I understand it, if a disk were to fail it would require 1 full restore and 95 incremental restores to get back to were I am now. This would also include files deleted over the last year that are included in one of the 95 incrementals, so I would still have a good amount of maintenance to do after I complete all 95 restores.


So here's my question: Is it possible to do a full backup, replacing the initial backup and all incrementals? So far it looks like I have to manually delete all data on the Iomega, which will probably mess up the configuration files causing me to remove all vestiges of the s/w and reinstall.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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