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Retrospect 7.7.325 hangs when doing optical back up

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It was working prior to the .325 release. Now when, after scanning files, the optical drives are presented, it shows me 2 drives (which I thought looks good as this release seemed now to support both as opposed to one only), but when I pop in a blank disc, it just hangs forever. In the previous release, when only one optical drive was presented, the process would continue after I popped in a blank disc.


Just to be sure, after rebooting, I configured one of the drives (the other is greyed out in config) by writing into test blank discs but the outcome is the same. I have not found an issue similar to mine in this forum yet.

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Windows Vista - 32 bit


LG HL-DT-ST BDDVDRW GGC-H20L (F/W Ver. 1.07 - This one just got supported by .325 release and configured/tested with DVD blank discs fine but hangs.)


LG HL-DT-ST BD-RE WH08LS20 (F/W Ver. 2.0 - This was the one working in prior release although DVD's only. But now greyed out, couldn't be configured/tested.)

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This update really messed up my optical backup process. After updating to the driver (still under .325 release), it simply stopped working. So I uninstalled Retrospect, downloaded 7.7.325 (with .100 driver built-in), and reinstalled it. Without configuring the first optical drive above, the script ran a 3.2 GB backup on a DVD-R disc for 4 hours - way too slow. I then test configured this same drive to see if it would improve, but this time the status tab just indicated Erased with a blank DVD-R in and was not continuing any further. I stopped the process.


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