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Backing up DFS Replicated folders

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It appears Retrospect is incapable of backing up folders that are set for DFS Replication in Windows 2008 R2.


Retrospect can browse the folders and see the files and counts through them while 'scanning' prior to backup, but after the scan, any folders that have DFSR enabled are not checked and cannot be checked.


Stopping the DSFR service on the server allows the folders to be backed up but that's very limiting.


Open file backup is enabled so it's not simply a matter of the DFSR service holding them open (it doesn't, since users can open and modify files).


Anyone else experianced this???

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Robin, can you be more specific about which DFS uses are "unsupported"?


We are currently using 7.6 on Windows 2003 server. We have several file shares that have referrals set up in the DFS namespace (not replicated), and have no problem backing those up (via a local client).


I see that Retrospect does not support accessing shares via the DFS namespace. This is easily worked around by accessing the shares with their normal names.


But the OP sounds like they are trying to back up *local* files that happen to be replicated via DFS, and that is failing. Is this really not supported? That seems like a pretty big issue. We are looking at migrating to 7.7 and then Windows 2008 (separate projects), and DFSR is a very attractive feature...

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In my case, backing up the local folder (E:\Folder) that is part of a DFS share (\\lan.com\Folder\) would backup under 7.6.


Under 7.7, Retrospect will find the local folder, but reports it as not having any files inside to backup. A bug, a BIG KILLER BUG.


I wonder what changed on which side that it works in 7.6 but not in 7.7.

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