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Client disaster recovery and IP address


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Using Windows Retrospect Single Server 7.7, is it possible to restore networked clients that have static IPs (e.g., not 192.168.xxx.xxx) with the Disaster Recovery CD?


We have static IPs on this part of campus (not my decision), and though I've not had any problems adding and backing up clients, I ran into this issue last week when trying to restore a client. Fortunately, I was still able to use the service partition on the client's dying boot drive to make a set of system restore DVDs that way, but it would be nice to be able to use fixed IPs with Disaster Recovery if I don't have a working service partition or system recovery disks next time.


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No, I can't can't get a DHCP address for any machines in my group without high-level network admin participation and some hoops to jump. Like it or not, I have to work with the network architecture that exists. That's why I'm asking about using static IPs, thinking I might have missed some setting in the Disaster Recovery procedure.


Would it be possible for EMC/ Dantz to include the ability to use static IPs in a future update? Without that, the entire Disaster Recovery utility is useless. Sure, I could recover machines by finding a complete retail copy of the OS, install Retrospect Client, then use UIR, but I don't always have an appropriate retail copy of the OS to use.



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Thinking about this more, it should be possible to edit the iso image and replace the startnet.cmd file to launch another command window. Then you could use the netsh command:


(Assuming an IP of 111.222.333.5, a subnet mask of and a default gateway of 111.222.333.1)


netsh int ip set address local static 111.222.333.5 111.222.333.1


You could easily script the netsh command via similar method. EMC doesn't support mucking with the CD though. Still, I did so that all of my network drivers are on the CD. It wasn't difficult.



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I just wanted to update you folks on this.


One of the Tech Supp managers has helped direct me in the use of winbom.ini.


It seems I need to add this file to the iso, but I don't know where it goes.


This is not supported or tested, but he was good enough to help guide me on my way.


Now to get this disk to boot with an IP!

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