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Retro 8 thinks my DVD+RWs are 17GB!


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I have three backup sets, on two of them, Retrospect has the DVD+RW as being 4.3GB, and calculates reasonable Space Free values for them. On the third it says each of the five members is 16.9GB, and that the "spare space" on the full ones is ~12.6-12.9GB.


Further, it says that the total capacity of the set is 33.5GB, which is neither 5*4.3 (21.5) nor 5*16.9 (84.5).


What's going on with this?

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Hi, Robin.


I have compression on for two of the backup sets, and off for the third. Retrospect shows the DVD+RWs as 16.7GB in one of the two compressed backups. The other compressed backup and the non-compressed one show the capacities of the DVDs as the normal 4.3GB. The two compressed backups are alternating backups of the same data sources.


All the DVD+RWs are single layer, 4.7GB capacity discs. My DVD drive doesn't support dual layer RWs.


[color:red]Edit[/color]: I have done a Recatalog on the backup set that's showing 16.7GB DVD capacity, but before I noticed the odd capacity values.

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