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retrospect duplicate feature

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Hey everyone,


I'm testing retrospect 7.7 on a windows server 2008 for a backup solution for our Mac.


we already have a backup solution wich backup our windows server but we need one to backup the mac client wich the student use for multimedia (film, music, photo)


all seems to work with the retrospect mac client installed.


But the duplicate does not allow me to have all the 24 client backup in the same job.


no problem there i can create a job for each client. but when i check the execution they are done one at a time.


I duplicate them on another drive on the server.


Is there a way to have multiple duplicate job run at the same time?


thank you

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If the jobs do not have overlapping sources or overlapping destinations, it should allow multiple operations to run at the same time.


Typically you should be doing backup instead of duplicate. That will allow multiple operations to use the same destination and you do not need to worry about Mac specific file attributes being lost if you are writting to a Windows volume

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