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Retrospect 7.7 not working


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I have two NICs on my HP DL-360 G4 8GB with a 10 TB FC array and I have both of the NICs trunked to multiple IPs on separate VLANS. This requires that the ports be configured on the switch. Ours are CISCO.


Although I am having issues with 7.7.208 (64 bit) running on Windows 2003 R2 server, network issues have not been the issue for me at all.


I moved my Advanced Tape license to the new server and it installed OK, but I cannot run two tape drives (LTO2 in a Storagetek L80) at the same time. If I carefully time my scripts not to overlap, I can get the system to run fine on one drive.


I cannot get disaster recovery of a Windows 7 system to work. BOOTMGR is missing... The fixes for this issue on the internet did not work. I should note that this failure was on a virtual system, but I don't see why it isn't a valid test.


When I add the third item to a snapshot copy to tape script, the program [color:gray]reliably[/color] quits.


-- To end on a happy note :thanks: , I do like the fact that 7.7 does not make you have to edit all the scripts containing a specific Backup Set when the Backup Set's catalog file needs to be re-built.--

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