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Start new set/member without recycle?


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In the lack of a manual...... Is it possible to backup to a new member (or set) without backing up the entire volume again?


Ive tried to "skip to new member" and "skip to new set" but then it wants to copy the entire 1.2TB volume (not good) I want to archive the old set and continue on a new one without copying all data again.. Possible?


Another question, the old set has 3 members, but the "-" sign is grayed out on two of the three so i cant remove them after having archived them :(

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Also.. I can't skip to a new member on the same volume. (This disk is already a member of this media set) But it not consequent, i think it might have worked sometime, but defenetly not now when im triying.


Should there really be this kind of limitations when people use huge network-volumes to backup to. As this works I can only have one member of the script on my 8TB backup-volume. Makes rotating/archiving backupmembers impossible.


I would have to remove the old members, but I cant do that because (as I wrote earlier) they are grayed out..


This sucks. :(

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