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Exclude Delete Items and Junk Email folders?

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Is there any way to exclude the Deleted Items and Junk Email folders from my Retrospect Exchange addon backups? A couple of my users have quite large versions of these folders and I consider not having their content in the event of a crash to be an acceptable risk given the amount of space and time they take to backup.


I am using Retrospect 7.6.123 and under the "Selecting", "More Choices", "Exclude", and "Mailbox" sections of the Scripts menu, the addon only has one item when expanded "Sender". Am I missing something? (Is this something that is available in the recent paid upgrade, I've been trying to find some feature that would make it seem worth the cost?)



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Well that is good news. Can you provide some specifics though (sorry to be ignorant)?


Looking at "More Choices" and "Exclude" would that be a "Universal" name or a Windows (FAT/NTFS) name, or something I'm not seeing under Mailbox?


Let's say I just want to never backup "Deleted Items".




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