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in the activities icon left pane. Clicking to get the activities list, there is a process running which won't stop, and is preventing other items from running. I can click on the item and hit "stop" but it doesn't stop. Remove is grayed out. I cannot proceed with any other activities until this item is removed. What to do?

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Check that wherever you are backing up to is still showing in your "storage device"section.


I recently had this after a power failure.


A blinking question mark, and although I could stop the process, it just did the same with the next backup job.


I had to restart my xserve to get the tape drive to re-appear as storage destination.

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I have had this happen to me once or twice, every couple of weeks or so. You may have to go to system preferences and stop the retro engine, then start it again. Sometimes you need to wait approx 10 mins before the engine will actually stop.


After stoping, then starting the engine, I can get back in and business as usual.

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