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Problems rebuilding catalog


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Having great problems rebuilding a catalog file.


I am running a laptop with Win 7 home premium and an Iomega external network drive. Using Retrospect express HD 2.5


I used retrospect for a number of backups a few months ago, then forgot to backup for a long while and never remembered to set up a new backup plan.


I then upgraded the Win 7 Release candidate on my computer but had to do a custom install due to change of language in the OS and my internal HDD was erased. The computer name is the same as before but the workgroup is changed.


I now need to get hold of some of the backed up folders (and cant find them in windows.old file)


On my external drive I have a folder with lots of *.RDB files and also a *.RBC file.

But when I start Retrospect Express I get no restore points.

I have tried to rebuild the catalog according to this link: http://kb.dantz.com/display/2/articleDirect/index.asp?aid=9573&r=0.432934


But I still dont get any restore points??

And the funny thing is that during the setup procedure when i right click on the backup drive I am asked for login/password wich I never set up. If I select another drive and then again right click on the previous backup drive then suddenly no password is required. Otherwise the process seems to run normallyl. retrospect works for a long time, and there is i new RBC-file in the folder, but no restore points in the menu.


Can anyone please help, many thanks in advance



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