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copying changed files only


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I only want to copy files which have changed. So in the "destinations" tab, I chose "overwrite older files".

But every time the script is run, ALL files are copied and overwritten. Not only the older files.

Or is this just showing in the activities as files which are compared, not copied ?


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the destination device is a local SAS connected hardware raid system.

What is the underlying filesystem of the source and the underlying filesystem of the destination?


It may be that the filesystems support different metadata models such that all files appear to be changed. Just as an example, perhaps the timestamp granularity is different on the source and destination filesystems, such that the file creation or modify times don't match (even if they look the same by the granularity of the GUI presentation to the user).


For backup sets (um, media sets in newspeak), Retrospect handles all of this in its database container. However, for copying (duplication), Retrospect has to rely on the underlying filesystems to preserve the metadata.


Retrospect is a good tool for backups. It may not be the right tool for your copying (really, syncing).



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