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-1004 (database backup/restore error)


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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2, Service Pack 2

Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Retrospect 7.7.203 (32-bit)

Driver Update and Hot Fix, version


Just upgraded to version 7.7 from 7.6.

Whenever I try to backup a database, I get an error similar to the following:


MapError: unknown Windows error -2,139,684,857

File "Northwind":can't read, error -1004 ( Database Backup/Restore error)


I've created a Retrospect Backup User (RBU) account that is a member of Domain Users, Domain Admins, Backup Operators, and Administrators. It is not a member of any other security groups.


Under Configure>Preferences>Security, I've configured to "Always run Retrospect as the specified user" and I've entered the user account info for the RBU account.


Under Configure>Volumes, I've configured "Login as..." to "Use Domain Authentication" and I've entered the user account info for the RBU account. I can see all the databases listed under "SQL Server".


SQL Server and Retrospect are installed on the same server.


Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Backward compatibility is installed.


Server was rebooted before testing. Testing was conducted while logged into the server using the RBU account.


I did not try backing up an SQL database before I upgraded to version 7.7, so I can't say whether it worked under version 7.6.

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I am also getting the same error and need help.


In my case, I have a named instance on the server. Are you using the default SQL instance or a named instance?


I seem to be able to backup databases fine on the problem server. When I go to restore, I get the same error you have. I have tried restoring a database that is stored on the problem server. I have also tried restoring a database from an entirely different server to the problem server. Same result.


I'm running Retrospect 7.6. I have several database servers. This is the only one I have issues with, and it is the only one with a named instance.


Ideas anyone??!

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Does anyone have a solution for this?


At this point I cannot use Retrospect to backup the databases on this server. I am having to use the SQL Agent directly. Which is a huge hassle.


It also makes me nervous if it were to happen on additional servers in the future.



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