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Memory Leak?


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We are using 7.6 and it works great most of the time. We are backing up to a NAS and when Retrospect can't connect to a client it starts to eat up memory. In the morning nobody can connect to the shared drive and windows gives errors like not enough memory (and yes we have plenty of memory) the only fix is to reboot the server and it works great again. My question is: Is there a way to time out the backup before it eats up all our Stack memory? Closing the program won't do it (dynamic memory not being released). I have to physically restart the computer to get it to work. Thanks.

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Hi thanks for the prompt response. I have not tried 7.7. Can I install it in parallel with 7.6?


As far as explaining it's difficult because there is nothing in the logs. Just after I get 541 errors (client not installed or running) and when the job has been executed (failed) it does not quit. It just sits there and eats up memory.


I did just change the look ahead time to 2 hours instead of 12 before it exits. Maybe this might help but not sure. Thanks again.

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I have not tried 7.7. Can I install it in parallel with 7.6?

Note the following from the EMC Retrospect 7.7 for Windows Read Me


Older Backup Sets: If you are an upgrade customer, you can use your older Backup Sets with Retrospect 7.7. However, [color:red]once you use a Backup Set with Retrospect 7.7, you can no longer access it from earlier versions of Retrospect.[/color]

That may not be the behavior you expect or want.



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