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Backup Client reserved error -505


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I just installed the newer 7.7 the 7.6 client licenses are now 'recognized' in the license manager but when I try to access the clients I get


Sorry couldn't connect to error -505 ( backup client reserved )


What does this message mean?


And what do I do to fix it?


This is what shows up in the log:


ifacOptValue: 'WODy' undefined, using default value 2

soctSetThread: socket thread now 0x288

soccOpen: socket send buffer size is 65,536

soccOpen: socket recv buffer size is 65,536

soccCallback: connected

necoWritePacket: cmd 101 [ 0 bytes]:

necoWritePacket: cmd 158 [ 0 bytes]:

necoIncoming: cmd 216 [ 218 bytes]: 5f 88 4f 3a a4 b9 3e 9f 08 07 7c ac df b4 8a ee

necoWritePacket: cmd 112 [ 4 bytes]: 14 00 00 00

necoIncoming: cmd 202 [ 4 bytes]: f9 01 00 00

soccRecv: connection closed cleanly

necoWritePacket: cmd 101 [ 0 bytes]:

soctPreDispose: maximum queue depth was 1


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The client was a windows XP system and the issue was that the frozen backup was still connected even though the retrospect machine had been re-booted. I rebooted the client and the error went away. I will have to wait until tonight to see if the backups are working or not.


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