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open file backup not working in 7.7


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I was informed by technical support that there is a bug in the client somehow impeding open file backup. The person indicated that possibly Wednesday this week there would be an update. Can you confirm? With retrospect professional 7.7, I am receiving on a daily basis a massive amount of open file errors from a Windows 7 64-bit ultimate laptop. Strangely, open file backup seems to work fine on a windows XP professional laptop on the same network.

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thanks Robin. I would like to get the situation settled. Is there something I should do to confirm that open backup is missing from my retrospect 7.7 download?


On the other hand, if open file backup was somehow missing, then why is everything working fine on the windows XP professional laptop. There are no errors being generated there.

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I followed up with technical support to determine if there was any progress on the issue of not being able to backup a windows 7 ultimate 64 bit client due to numerous open file back up sharing violations. Open file backup was apparently not starting due to some issue with the VSS on the client.


For review, retrospect 7.6 has no problem whatsoever with this client. Open file backup works successfully and there are no sharing violations.


While technical support would not accept my logic that something within retrospect 7.7 was causing it to be incompatible with VSS, we both agreed that for the time being anyway I would roll back to retrospect 7.6. I have done that and have successfully created backups with this client with no errors whatsoever.


I still maintain that there is something "different" with 7.7 causing this problem on a 64 bit windows 7 system (for all I know, it may also occur on a Vista or XP 64 bit system).

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