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Retrospect is Locked


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When Retrospect started I received the following message: “Retrospect is locked. Only a member of the Administrative group can unlock and use Retrospect†and it asked for a User Name and a Password. I do not remember even setting up a username and password. Any ideas?


Retrospect 7.6.123


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I have recently tried to run Restrospect 7.7 in Windows 7 and have the same insoluble (?) problem.


I also am the sole user in my administrator's group.


Did you ever manage to find a solution to that problem - if yes, what is the answer?




Tim (aka fredblow).



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in response to Mayoff:


Robin, please excuse what may be a very basic question (I am very new to Windows 7).


When you say that the user must be logged into the computer as an administrator, do you mean anything more complex than that the user must be a member of the administrators group?


I am the sole user of this computer, and a member of the administrator group, yet Retrospect refuses to recognize me as such.


I have just uninstalled Retrospect and replaced it with a brand new trial download, and the problem remains.


[also see my post of 21 May 2010 for more detail]


TIA for any help you may be able to provide.

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