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Host based Hyper-V VM Backups


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I am contemplating upgrading to Version 7.7 of the Multiserver Backup & Open File add-on. I need to know if this product supports the host based backup of Virtual Machines hosted by Microsoft Windows 2008 using Hyper-V. The information I have found so far only refers to VMWare




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As an alternative for the time being I can recommend Microsoft backup for the HyperV host. :-)


If your VM's are 2008 based they too can use MS Backup themselves. We have all 2008 machines (either normal or virtual) push file and image backups using MS Backup to iSCSI targets. Out of the box MS Backup does full backups. However look for the performance setting in the Server Manager > Windows Server Backup > Actions > Optimize Backup Performance > Faster backup performance. This will create very fast incremental block-level backups.


Using System Restore you can even reinstall a complete server from a Windows Server boot disk. Depending on backup settings of course.


Here we use both Retrospect and Windows Backup on all 2008 machines, so we have two independent technologies backing up these. The only drawback is you need more storage space, but that's quite cheap these days.

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