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Ver. 7.7 release information


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The Release Notes have not yet been published.


Thanks for the prompt reply.


Please let the product team know that the release notes are extremely important and need to be published ASAP. They are referred to in the product documentation, and not having them makes the release appear to be incomplete. (So does the lack of 7.7 info in the upgrade matrix, btw.)


In addition, the release notes are apparently the only place that the known fixes in 7.7 are listed. This customer, at least, is very reluctant to pay the upgrade fee until I know whether or not the bugs that significantly impact me -- such as the non-functional status monitor on Vista X64 -- are corrected. I suspect I'm not unusual. Not publishing the release notes will therefore not only delay revenue for EMC, but erode customer satisfaction and increase the chance that they'll move to a competing product.


-- Pete

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Russ, I know you are frustrated with the 8.0 documentation not being out (me too), but 7.7 has been out only a few hours. Give us a chance to publish the document.

Robin, having managed product development in my youth, simply FYI, documentation is a part of the product development process, not an afterthought.


It really needs to be given a priority and staffed appropriately because it's one of the gating items for product release.



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Our product team have the documentation ready before the product - it helps our sales guys 'sell' the product to clients before the product is in a release-able state.


Like-wise, I'm sure a few people would have bought 7.7 already had they had documentation to hand to let them know exactly what they're buying.


I know I'll be waiting anyway as there are bugs that have not been addressed for months, possibly years!



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