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Couldn't shut-off the power

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I have Western Digital External Drive from 2004 for old desktop computer. I just bought new laptop with Windows 7 to plugged it in WDED and I could export the data from WDED to laptop but after finished I couldn't shut the WDED power off. So I had to pull the plug out from the outlet. That isn't good.


Anyway, I put the WDED CD and it said run setup.EXE > Click "Install Retrospect Express for Western Digital" and it promptly:


[color:blue]Program Compatibility Assistant[/color]


This program has known compatibility issues.


Check online to see if solutions are available from Microsoft website. If solutions are found, Windows will automatically display a website that lists steps you can take.


Program: Retrospect Backup Express

Publisher: Dantz Development Corporation

Location: Not Available


Retrospect Backup Express installs drivers that are incompatible with this version of Windows. For more info., contact Dantz Development Corporation.


Check for solutions online - Run program - Cancel


I clicked "Check for solutions online" and it goes to http://www.retrospect.com/


The version I have is Retrospect Express 6.5 for Windows.


What can I do?


Thanks, Mikey3D

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If you need an immediate answer, I suggest that you contact EMC Retrospect support:

Contact EMC Retrospect support


Perhaps you misunderstand and think that these forums are something other than user-to-user support:

Retrospect Forum Rules/Terms of Use


This forum is a community based self help tool for users of the Retrospect Backup Software and other EMC Insignia Products.




While this forum is monitored by members of the EMC Technical Support team, it is not possible to reply to all questions and threads. This forum is not an official method for contacting technical support. EMC employees are under no obligation to reply to individual forum posts. If you need immediate technical support, you can contact technical support directly at http://www.emcinsignia.com/contactsupport

However, it does seem that your question has been answered:


I just bought new laptop with Windows 7 ...


The version I have is Retrospect Express 6.5 for Windows.


What can I do?

Upgrade to the current version of Retrospect. 6.5 was never designed for Windows 7 or Vista.

Hope this helps.



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