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Ricoh MP7400A

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I was about to order and install a Ricoh MP7320A CDRW for use with Retrospect Pro 6.0, but the last one was sold yesterday ... Ricoh is happy to supply an MP7400A as it replaces the MP7320A.




My problem is that the MP7400A is not listed as being qualified ... too new.




Ricoh seem to have a good track record of support so I don't expect there to be a problem, but I'm guessing that an MP7400A is not going to work until an RDU includes it.




When is the next RDU going to be released?




Is it likely to include the Ricoh MP7400A?

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This drive is not supported with Retrospect at this time.




Dantz goes through a rigorous qualification process with every drive we test. This means that not every drive will be qualified and we can never guarantee that a particular device will be supported. For a list of the drives that are currently compatible with Retrospect software, please check our device compatibility guide at:








There is no estimated time as to if or when this drive might be supported.

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