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Adding members to Backup Set?


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Hi all,


I've got a question and also perhaps a minor rant, but the question is for sure the more pressing for me.



Why can't I create a working backup set in Retrospect Express 7.6? (latest updated revision). Under Configure > Backup Set, I go through all the motions and at the end when you're about to click Finish, the dialog says that after clicking Finish you'll be prompted to add members to the backup set, but that never happens, it just brings me back to the backup set management screen where I see my newly created set listed.


So I go through the steps to edit the backup set and under the Options tab, where the Actions button should be available, it is greyed-out. I've attempted to add members to the set in every way that I can including re-creating the set, re-creating a Automate backup script which prompts for a backup set creation, and so on, but nothing.


It almost seems like the ability to create a backup set to be used in an Automated backup script isn't available in the Express version or something. And if so, here's my little rant:




Thank you :)

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Hi Robin, thanks for replying.


I checked under the Members tab but all I have as buttons are "Set Found" and "Set Missing", and both are greyed-out. Currently there are no members in the list either.


The reason I was thinking the Action button would do the trick was because in the video tutorial on the website the guy was explaining that after clicking Actions you have 4 choices (radio buttons) and one of those was to add a new member to the set. But for me that button is greyed-out as well.


I'm running Retrospect Express 7.6 that came with the Iomega REV 35GB drive so the confusion for me is whether all this stuff being greyed out is because the Express version has limited functionality or not. But if it is supposed to work then of course what's causing the odd behavior is what I need to find out.


Does the backup device type affect this somehow? You were mentioning that tapes are usually the typical media for rotation but does that mean that the software doesn't support disk-based backup sets? In this case my customer has the Rev drive so I'm unfortunately stuck within those confines.


Ultimately what I need to accomplish is to have a Monday-Friday daily full backup that prompts them for which disk to insert and the backup runs as scheduled. The only obstacle so far appears to be this backup set creation though.


Any further advice is much appreciated, even if it's only to say that the Express version doesn't support backup sets on disk so I can advise my customer that we'll need to upgrade the software.



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