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Backup Action yields no result

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Hi, i'm using Retrospect 8.1 (build 150) on an Xserve(2.26 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon), with a LSI SAS card (LSISAS3442E-R) and a Quantum LTO-4 Half height Tape Drive. I can't get the backups working correctly. Using the assistant i select the source & backup set, and follow to backup now. The action then animates and moves to the activities window. But thats it. No backup actually occurs. Is there something i'm missing here? I can see the LTO-4 and inserted Tape in the devices. Incidently the first time i tried this the above action erased the tape but still didn't backup.


I'd be grateful for any advice. I havent used the LSI card with a LTO-4 before this setup. Any ideas?




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Hi Robin


In true fashion stopping and starting the engine sorted it. The engine and console are installed on the same machine. The system is working correctly now.


I did have some issues using the assitant but creating a script worked.

Thanks for the help.



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