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Retrospect forgets backup sets on unscheduled shutdown - every time!

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7.6.111 / Win 2k Pro


We had a deadlined Windows update (via WSUS) last week, and on restarting, all the Statuses indicate "Source", and nothing will back up. I'm used to this by now, btu I'm hoping there's a way to fix the box. The only way I'm able to get it working again is by trashing the backup sets completely - deleting sets, then the disk locations - and recreating them. I imagine it's because Retrospect isn't shut down gracefully, but every time? I'm afraid to reboot the box now, for fear that it won't like the way it was shut down, and I'll have to recreate the sets again.


Anyone familiar with this behaviour?

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Seems accurate verbatim, but all I have to do is delete and re-add the sets, and everything works again. There's a definite disconnect happening somewhere, I was just hoping to find it, and curtail this (obviously inconvenient) behaviour. Hopefully someone has experienced this, or knows a way around it.

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