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exchange agent install problem - v6 win


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I have installed Retrospect MultiServer 6.0 on my W2K Server running Exchange


Server 2000. When I installed Retrospect, I told it to go ahead and


install the Exchange Agent because I had the Exchange Agent license


on the way. I received the Exchange Agent, a CD sized piece of paper


with a key on it.




My problem is I don't see the Exchange Agent listed on the licenses screen, so


there is no place to "Add" the key I got in the mail. I tried reinstall and


repair install options and made sure I selected "install on HD" for the Exchange


Agent, but it's still not listed on the license screen so I can't add the key.




Any ideas or suggestions on how to enable/install the key for Exchange Agent


for MultiServer v6 for Windows 2000 Server?




Thanks for any help.









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I am in demo mode with Retro 6 and Exchange Agent. I just bought both "real" licenses (Retro and Exchange), and I licensed Retro with no prob. I can't seem to license the Exchange Agent. It wont promt me for the code. I will be out of town when the demo expires. How can I license it NOW and "kill" the demo mode? I paid for it, why cant I use it?

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