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Scripts don't allow Manual File Selection?

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I used to use Retrospect a long time ago, and have only recently started using it again. I'm on a Mac, intel, with the latest OS.


Prior to a trip abroad, I did a quick backup of my files, which consist of an entire external firewire drive, a folder on another external firewire drive, and two separate folders on an internal drive. Worked fine.


Now back, I was trying to make a script that would include all of these specific items. But for some reason, after I choose the things I want backed-up, and go to save the Script, I'm warned that in saving it, Manual File Selection will be ignored (in other words, my manually selected folders are ignored - it wants to back up the entire drive). This makes absolutely no sense to me. If I could run it once immediately, why not again as a script?


This may negate my use of the software, and I will likely return it if it can't do this simple thing. And I'd rather avoid complex rules.


Am I missing something?



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