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Archive does not span media set members

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Retrospect Version 8.1 (build 150)

- PowerPC-based Retrospect Engine


Mac OS X Server 10.5.6

- xServe Dual 2.3 Ghz G5

- 3 GB RAM

- 400 GB boot drive


- Catalog files stored on boot drive where Retrospect is installed


- Disk-based archive set

1. archive_disk_1

- 6 GB ATA

- connected to server by: NewerTech USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter

2. archive_disk_2

- 75 GB SATA

- connected to server by: NewerTech Voyager Q FireWire 800

3. archive_disk_3

- 75 GB SATA

- connected to server by: NewerTech Voyager Q FireWire 800


- Drive being backed up

- 75 GB SATA

- connected to server by: NewerTech Voyager Q FireWire 800



End goal


Archive data spanning all three attached disk members without error and intervention by me.





I had a Voyager Q-attached 75 GB SATA drive ready for archiving.


The 75 GB drive was added to the archive script as the 'source' and the script was run.


After Retrospect finished filling up the first member (6 GB ATA) of the archive Media Set, Retrospect stopped and did not move on to 'archive_disk_2' (75 GB SATA) which was already attached.


No errors were reported.


Retrospect just stopped.



Last comments


I'm at a loss as I've completely wiped out all media sets, reformatted the three archive drives, recreated the archive set and associated media set.


Same problem.


Any ideas?



- tim shubitz

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Here ya go.


This screenshot is taken while I was logged in remotely to the backup server.


The situation here is as follows...


- Retrospect was setup from scratch (no scripts, media sets, etc.)

- Three "archive" disks (all SATA) were formatted and attached to the server via three separate Voyager Q's (2 via FW 800, 1 via FW 400)

- Created Media Set 'Archive_Set' and added all three "archive" disks to the Media Set.

- Created backup archive script and added the Media Set 'Archive_Set' as the backup location

- Added 'Server Boot Mirror' (internally attached SATA), two disk images that were mounted (Macintosh HD), and a USB 2.0 connected ATA drive (User Temp Backup)

- Hit 'Run' for the script


Retrospect got through the 'Server Boot Mirror' drive and seemed to start on the first mounted disk image but eventually puttered out.


No error, nothing.


Just stopped after trying.



- tim

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From the screen shot it appears that everything is configured correctly; the first Member of the Media Set is full (8k free) and the second has nothing written to it yet.


While I'd like to see the full Names and Location fields of the Members tab of the Media Sets window (column widths are not remembered across Console launches; yecch), I'm assuming that the Engine is running on the same machine as this Console application is.


I do wonder why you are using an Archive script instead of a Backup script; do you need the option to Delete source files after copying and verifying ?



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Thanks for the response.


Yes, the Engine is being run on the same machine as the Console. I just happened to be doing this as I left the Console up when I went home last night. Remoted in to check in later in the evening. Anyway.


I'm using 'Archive' as, to me anyway, that makes sense as to what I'm trying to do. I have a bunch of data spread all over the place (drives, disk images, etc.) that I want to push into Retrospect so that I can search my grand archive of everything that has accumulated over the years.


I'm archiving the data and then recycling the drives that the old data was on.


Does doing just a regular ol' backup make more sense?


Is the Retrospect archive functionality really intended to be used for data that is ALREADY backed up but can be safely "archived" and removed from the "normal" backup?


Thanks for your time.


Have a wonderful day.



- tim

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