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restore without snapshot

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Around the time that my retrospect 6.1 backup became corrupted, and I started with version 8, I had a crash of a disk. Problem is, I'm not exactly sure of the date on which some of the data was lost.


Therefore, I'd like to restore any file that was ever backed up from a particular disk and a particular folder. In effect, I'd like to be able to search a media set for files meeting a criteria, not limited to a particular snapshot. Is this possible??



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thanks, but I think that you missed the point of my question. I need to be more general, rather than less.


Example, If I have back ups say:







All that I might know is that some files might have been present 4/1, but lost by 7/1, while others meeting the same criteria, and still in need of restoration, were created 5/3.


In Retrospect 6.x, one could look for all files that were ever backed up and existed in a folder, call it "images". I could generate a search/restore for any files that ever were in "images".


It seems that in version 8.x, one is forced to pick a backup from which to search. If I have daily backups for a 3 month period, that is a lot of iterations.


Does this now make sense? Can one do a search and restore without picking a specific snapshot, effectively picking all snapshots?






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