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"Not connected" message. How do I "connect"?

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Have just moved our backup machine to another desk. MacMini with an external tape drive (for archives) and HD (for nightly backups).

Restarted computer, Retrospect console shows an IP address, and the message "not connected". How do I reconnect Retrospect to (what? itself?). None of my scripts, clients or media are visible. This is pretty disturbing stuff …

Please help. Have already restarted the engine, but this changed nothing.

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Retrospect console shows an IP address


What address does it show?


and the message "not connected".




How do I reconnect Retrospect to (what? itself?)


The Retrospect Console application needs to connect to a Macintosh hosting the Retrospect Engine. That host machine can be the same machine, or any other machine anywhere.


Mac OS X has a couple of (unix) ways to denote the machine you're sitting at. One is the IP address Another is the word "localhost."


On first install, the Retrospect Console application will look for a locally running Engine, and if it's there will add to the list of available Engines. Or you could also use the actual IP address (assuming it's not dynamically subject to change) or the fully qualified domain name (if you have correctly configured DHCP on the network).


Engines can be added either at the Sidebar or in the Network pane of the Retrospect Preferences window.


It's all standards based network communication settings.



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Console is installed on the same machine as the engine.


Console shows the default IP address in the side bar:


In response to Mayoff: I've reinstalled both the engine and the console. No change.


Mayoff mentions "corrupt preferences". I've thrown out the preferences file in "users/library/preferences", but this doesn't help.


Currently running Console 8.1 (build 150).


Any ideas?

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Console shows the default IP address in the side bar:




Is there an icon next to it?


After I trashed the prefs, it didn't ask for a licence code. It just asked if I wanted to add a new server


And then what happened? What happened? What do you see?


none of the original settings were adopted


Not sure what "adopted" means in this context, but if you trash your Preference file you're not going to retain the information that file held (ie scripts, settings, etc). That's what preference files do.




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Yes: the Console shows the default IP address in the side bar: There is an icons next to it: the red cube to the left; a bolt of lightning to the right.


As I said, the prefs I trashed were the prefs located here:



I didn't trash the "Config80.dat" file in

"Library/Application Support/Retrospect"


After Console asked me to add a new server, I entered "localhost" and password, resulting in the screen I describe above.


With "adopt" I simply mean, my original scripts and settings are gone.


(I have a copy of the trashed prefs file).

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