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It simply does not work

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Ok, I am not doing any nightly backups anymore, just doing them manually, keeping it as simple as possible and watching the backup. Here is what happens.


I start a backup of exchange to my rev loader, I have a blank tape in there (actually 3) though only one is needed. It starts without any problem, half way through it stops. Storage Devices window comes up asking me to select a location and does not display any locations to select.


First. I already selected the location, the backup was already running, why would it ask me a question like this.


Second. There is nothing to choose in devices, though my rev drive shows, all the cartridges are hidden. WTF am I susposed to do?


And NO, I did not unplug my Rev drive, it is still showing under my comptuer and no problems. Retrospect also shows it in devices if I access it from the menu, just when it is halfway through a backup it decides to do all this crap.


How in the world do I backup a freakin exchange server with this software?

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