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CD/DVD current support in Vista?

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I have a dilemma. I build custom computers. I found to my dismay that internal LG CD/DVD drives do not seem to be on the supported hardware list. After upgrading a client to Vista, she cannot create backups to CD/DVD now. This same drive was working on Windows XP Pro SP3 in Retrospect Professional, burning to CD & DVD media.


I have done quite a bit of reading on the forum to figure out what CD/DVD drives are supported in Vista and I am not able to find a list that has some that are currently available. For example, I have bought LG CD/DVD drives for machines, but I do not find any of those on the supported list, which I am reading from the Retrospect Update for 7.x Windows Version History. It has been quite some time since version 7.6.123 update came out - is there not direct access to a current Vista supported list?


I am happy to buy supported drives, but if I go to Newegg.com for example, and look up CD/DVD burners available now, how do I know if the Pioneer DVR 1910 or Pioneer DVR 2920Q or the Pioneer DVR KD08 are compatible with Retrospect in Vista?


I need to be able to match up a drive that I can buy now with a system that will run Vista (32bit or 64bit) and run Retrospect Professional. I have sold my clients on the idea that Retrospect is an awesome backup. But they insist on also being able to run backups to CD/DVD. So that is my dilemma.


Hoping you have suggestions for helping me figure out what hardware I need to put in place for Vista.


Thanks for your time.


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I don't mean to be a pain, but I checked out that list and it does not really have any current drives on it. I ran the search for Serial ATA drives on it and it is a very short list of 16. I could not find the Plextor drives or the Sony drives being available from a major supplier.


Does the appearance on this list also mean that they are compatible on Vista?




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I am still chasing the why and wherefore of how CD/DVD drives show up and are seen by Retrospect in Windows Vista. While I have had one success, I have more failures.


For example, I built a Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit Quadcore 2.6Ghz 4Gb memory machine with two identical LG DVD-RAM CD/DVD SATA drives in it. (Model # HL-DT-ST GH22NS50) Vista sees both drives, giving each a drive letter. Retrospect sees only one of the drives, showing the second with all dots. Retrospect did allow me to custom configure the one drive it sees.

So I do not understand why it does not see the second device?


I tried a brand new HP internal DVD Writer 1260d SATA drive as a second drive in this same machine and it would not recognize this drive at all in Retrospect, though Vista does recognize it.


I have a customer with a Vista Business 32-bit Quad core 2.61 Ghz 4Gb memory PC, with two identical LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH22NS30 SATA drives. Vista sees both drives with drive letters.

Retrospect does not see the second drive. I tried to custom configure the first drive and it would not finish. It said it failed to custom configure and asked me to send the log to Retrospect (which I let it do). Now the drive is represented by the diamond symbols.


I have an HP dv7 laptop with Vista Ultimate 64 bit

and a TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633L SATA which Retrospects sees as Hitachi HTS 54 3225L9A300(dot) FBEO. Retrospect will not allow a custom configure of this drive, as the Configure Optical Drive option is grayed out.


All machines have the latest version and updates for Retrospect. The hardware is all seen by Vista. Retrospect is not seeing all the hardware.


I can live with only having one drive that works in the system with Retrospect in a system with multiple drives; but when there is only one drive in the system and it does not work, that is not helpful.


This feature for writing to CD/DVD did work in XP with many different drives. To not have it work in Vista is like a downgrade.


Any suggestions for fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Drives on the list should be compatible with Retrospect on any OS, as long as the computer/OS likes the hardware too.


This does not seem to be the case. See my post #125790.


Also, today I took the same LG DVDRam drive HL-DT-ST GH22NS50 that is working in the Vista Ultimate 64-bit machine and put it into the Vista Business SP2 32-bit machine of my client. On this Business machine, Vista OS recognizes the drive, but Retrospect will not recognize it as an optical drive to configure. This is using Retrospect Pro 7.6.123 and update and hot fix version


While this might not seem like an important issue to some, I have a number of professional clients (accountants and lawyers) who backup important files to CD/DVD and put them off-site for security. The client who let me install the replacement drive in their machine today is about to change to Nero Backup because of this issue. I would really like for it not to come to that.








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