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Restored directories do not have archived date (Windows)


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I searched the forums, and found an answer for the Mac folks, but nothing for Windows.


I'm running Retrospect Pro 7.6 on a Windows XP box to back up a networked Windows Vista (home prem.) box.


I just tried restoring a bunch of files and folders to the networked PC, and while the files have the correct dates, all the folders have today's date.


Is there a way to get the folders to reflect their correct dates? I know the information exists in the archive, because the first time I did the restore, it defaulted to all folders but 0 files, and the resulting empty hierarchy had all the right dates for the folders.

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That works, Robin, thank you. What's odd is that the directories all had today's date until the end of the restore, at which point they all got reset to the archive date.


It seems like the same thing could be done for "files and folders" level restores.

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It seems like the same thing could be done for "files and folders" level restores.

Not really. Consider the case where files are restored into an existing folder (directory). If Retrospect went in and changed the folder modification dates to be some distant date in the past when the particular file was backed up, that might not reflect the correct modification date for the folder. Could cause issues.


"Correct" dates for some situations might not be the "correct" dates for other situations.


When you blow away a filesystem subtree, everything can be set consistently.



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